Top Car Accessories to Personalize Your Machine

If you love reading the article on this site then you obviously love everything about your car. And while much of your focus is on keeping the engine in good condition and the paintwork clean and tidy, there are other ways that you can take care of and enjoy your ride. To take your car to the next level, below are some great accessory ideas.

Hidden Air Scents

It can sometimes feel like the very first car ever produced came with a hanging air freshener from the rear view mirror. You know them, your parents know them, and your parents’ parents know them! They are synonymous with two things; strong smells and looking tacky.

To keep your car smelling nice without the 80’s throwback, pick yourself up a discreet air freshener. Air fresheners are now available in sizes where they can easily slot in between the vents of your air conditioner. Additionally, they can also be mounted at the base of the windshield, also out of sight. The bottom line is, it’s time to reconsider an air freshener.

Charging Docks

If you have a center console in a modern car then it likely has a power outlet in there for DC plugs. Instead of passengers fighting over who uses the main plug, head to the Groupon Coupons page for Bestbuy and pick up a DC USB charger and a USB splitter. With this tucked away in your center console, all of your passengers can enjoy charging their devices are you …


Having a car is certainly a dream of many people. Given the car can bring great benefits to its users if used properly. However, sometimes the dream is faltered for several reasons. One of the main reasons is the price of cars that soar away. Therefore, there are still many people who still can not have it.
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Place of purchase
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Invite a mechanic or a friend who understands the car
It would be nice if you invite your friends who understand about the engine or car. Because this is very helpful when you negotiate the price or know the condition of the car itself. So, later you are not disappointed when buying the car. Must Car body cans mean the car has never been dented or used patchwork paint, a car that many putty can certainly often experience a collision.
Know the history of the car
The car certainly has a history of …